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Improvements on the Cheap!

 cottagedockSo you found it, a one in a million view, a place to retire, the weekend getaway. The land is what you were after, but the waterfront cottage is, shall we say not exactly ‘home sweet home’. You have dreams and plans for the site. You may be planning on tearing it down and building something new. You may be considering doing a major remodel or adding a room or two. But, for now, you have to wai

The good news is, you may not have to wait for the budget to catch up to your dreams. You may have purchased it as a retirement home and living there is 5, 10 or 15 years away, but you would also like to use it now. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get a whole different feel for you new lakefront home.

The first thing add a fresh coat of paint inside and out. You can change the mood quickly by changing the color entirely or just paint the trim. New lighter and brighter colors can easily replace those older darker colors.

For some curb appeal, Add some shutters to the cottage, paint them a complementary color. Try adding some flower boxes. Plant some easy to care for perennials around the property as well as a couple of hanging flower baskets.

Power wash the cottage and the decks and put a new coat of stain on the deck.

Visit the big box store and consider updating the house numbers with some bold numbers or letters.

While your there, pick up some new light fixtures, they will modernize the appearance of the cottage.

Do not forget, replace the doorknobs throughout the cottage.

Install new switch plate covers and outlet covers thru out the cottage so that they all match.

Change the hardware on the kitchen cupboard and drawers. Or, consider new cupboard doors and countertops.

Refinish the floors, install some new carpet or consider an area rug

If necessary, consider new or gently used appliances.

Change the fixtures in the bathroom, install new towel bars and other hardware. Don’t forget new towels to compliment the paint color. Pick up a new shower curtain.

Install a flagpole and a flag.

Consider going to the local art festival. Meet some artists, invest in some local art. It will make more of a difference than you think. Sometimes reframing the art or mirrors you already have or just repainting the frames will give them an entirely new look.

But, most important thing is to relax and enjoy your weekends at the lake!

Written by lakeman Jones.