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Free House

tear-down-houseSometimes when purchasing a lakefront property you may to receive a free house. The value can be found in the land rather than the structure especially in the case where the property includes an older mobile home or an antiqued cabin or cottage. Often the property could have more value without the neglected or unwanted structure.

When faced with the question of what to do with an old unwanted lakefront cabin or mobile home do not disappear there are several options. There are many people who are looking for an inexpensive hunting cabin for their land. Sometimes you can place a “free” sign on a mobile home and it can be moved off your property by someone. If the condition of the mobile home is so poor that it cannot be towed to a new home site or the land fill, it should be torn down. One can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $2,500 to have it torn down and removed.

An old cabin is a little different. One option is to contact the local fire department who use structures such as this for firefighting practice. A controlled burn provides invaluable fire fighting experience. This can be messy if damage occurs to trees surrounding the structure. Every township will have different requirements for their service. Many will want the shingles removed first – a concern regarding asbestos. After the burn, the property owner is responsible for cleaning up the charred remains, as well as removing any slab/foundation, fireplaces and chimneys that were part of the structure.

Please remember to check with the local township for any permits needed.

One other important thing that is often over looked. If there is a septic system or well on the property, the septic tank may have to be abandoned, then crushed and filled. The existing well if not able to be brought up to today’s requirements will have to be pulled by a licensed well driller.

Written by Lakeman Jones.