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rustySomeone once said to me, “God allows a man to have only one exceptional dog in his lifetime.” I do not know if that is true, experience tells me it may be.

Meet Rusty. Rusty lives along Pine Street, just outside of downtown Holland. He is unique, made out of scrap metal from the Padnos Iron and Metal Company. He is part of an interesting and whimsical collection of outdoor sculptures all created a self taught artist. His work is displayed all thru out Western Michigan including the Meijer’s Gardens in northeast Grand Rapids, as well as the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum in downtown Grand Rapids.

Next time you are on your way to Lake Macatawa, slow down you discover a little bit of everything from Rusty’s Dog House to a pair of boxing crankshafts, Eskimo sled dogs and many other fun and imaginative things.

Written by Dave.