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awm1Recently I caught sight of the Wienermobile parked at a local hotel. I had my camera with me, and since it is not every day you see a wienermobile at a hotel, I stopped and snapped a few pictures.

Shortly after I took that picture, a Wienermobile made the news by crashing into someoneís home. Imagine coming home after a hard dayís work, looking forward to a relaxing evening, and suddenly you look up to see an uninvited Wienermobile entering your home. So much for a peaceful evening. Hopefully, since they were at your house anyway, they would cook you a few hotdogs for your dinner.

You can see the clip for yourself at http://www.comcast.net/video/crash-weinermobile-goes-wild/1188744538

awm2It has been several years since I took drivers training, but I donít recall covering Wienermobile maneuvering, so I guess we canít come down too hard on the driver. The good news is, it doesnít sound like anyone was injured.

I did a little home work on the Wienermobile and learned several things. There is not just one, but seven wienermobiles stationed in various parts of the country.

The drivers are called hot doggers. They are drivers for just one year and then replaced. The position is open only to college seniors.

The Wienermobile is on twitter.

The Wienermobile has a blog.

The Wienermobile has a webpage.

I was saddened that no one was around when I saw the Wienermobile. I would have asked for a Wienerwhistle.

Read more on Wikipedia about the Wienermobile




Written by Dave.