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evartmichiganbannerEvart Michigan: A town large enough for a McDonalds and a traffic light, but small enough not to lose its small town character and friendliness.

Birthed in the 1870's during the rise of Michigan's lumber years, Deloros A. Blodgett used the Muskegon River to float harvested logs down state. Over the years other industry moved into Evart, including Dean Foods, Evart Glass, Ventra and many other business.

Today Evart is a thriving community of some 1700 people. Conveniently located in central Osceola County, it is thirteen miles east of Exit # 153 on US 131, six miles west of M66. Evart is surrounded by many recreational opportunities which include the Osceola County fairgrounds, the popular Spring Hill Camp, the Pere Marquette State forest, the Pere Marquette Trail system, the Muskegon River and more than twenty lakes within ten miles.

A blend of year around residents, complemented by the seasonal migration of downstaters for the summer lakefront season, gives Evart the sense of Hometown USA. It is an unique blend of old and new. The frequent glimpses of the local Amish with their horse drawn buggies is a reminder of a life style past. On Evart's main street, some still leave their keys in the ignition while they run in to pick up goods from their local merchants.

evartmihomeThe town has a simple, small town feel. There is no pretence. They are not a big, bustling metropolis, nor do they want to be. The people are friendly and no one is a stranger.

Evart hosts many outdoor summer events, including the Dulcimer Festival. Not quite sure about Dulcimers?

When visiting Evart, check out the Riverside City Park. The park is right off Main Street where Twin Creek meanders into the Muskegon River. You can enjoy the frontage on the river, the canoe launch, have a cook out, of if you prefer visit the Mac Donalds on US 10. But, we recommend the " Jalapeno’s Mexican Grill ", located next to Foster’s Supermarket (across the street from Macs) for a little local flavor. One may also check out Schmidty’s, Lamplighter Cafe, Corner Cupboard Cafe, or the new Iron Skillet Cafe

evart2Small towns fascinate me. If I have to travel through the state, I often try to allow time to take the roads that are a little less traveled. I try to take the roads that take me through Michigan’s many small towns and villages. Often, just by passing through the town or village you can get a little feel of the character and personality of the place you are traveling through.

While passing through Evart recently I came across this horse and buggy hitched to a light pole bearing a beer advertisement. So, of course, I had to stop and take a picture. As I approached him, the horse seemed to look at me and ask, “Am I getting a little heavy? Should I go with the lite?”

Written by Lakeman Jones.