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House Numbers

HOUSENUMBERSmichiganlakesWhen doing a major renovation on a home, cottage or even a commercial building, it is easy to overlook the small details. That was recently the case for us. We had just completed a large project, with everything from a new roof to new foundation walls and just about everything in between. But, we forgot to replace the house numbers after the painters were completed.

House numbers are important for several reasons. First and foremost, in case of emergencies, the police, firemen or other rescue people need to know the address and clearly spot it if called into action.

Secondly, when a property is for sale it is important that prospective buyers and real estate sales people can find and identify which property is for sale. In this market environment you do not want to have people looking for your property for sale and mistakenly going to another property for sale.

Another suggestion, make sure the porch light works and the numbers are in plain view during the evening hours. Even after many years in the business, I am still amazed at how many homes for sale are not lit up at night. This makes it nearly impossible for prospective buyers to locate the property.

Third, in many cities, communities and villages house numbers are required by ordinance.   I was reminded of this fact recently by a violation letter sent by the city where this property was located. Talk about government paperwork and waste; I counted at least seven pages of paperwork they sent to inform me of the violation.  They could have told me what wanted to say in two sentences.

Written by Dave.