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michiganaddI had a call the other day from a buyer looking for a home. He had the address of the property from the ad I had placed in the local newspaper. I was impressed that he had done some of his homework on the property and was asking intelligent questions.

He was also viewing the property from a Google aerial map. He was asking questions regarding things he noticed. With his questions and his reactions to my answers, it became clear he was not looking at the right property. He was not even on the right block.

He thought it was the smallest building, when actually it was the largest. The image displayed no garage, when in reality it had a two stall garage. The image showed a string of homes on the block, when in reality it was on a double lot.

Obviously, he did not enter the correct address as the pictures displayed were all wrong. But, even if the imaging is correct, it would not reflect the overall current condition of the property, let alone the interior of the property with all the updates.

What I am saying is, even with all of our technology, you still have to go and look for yourself. There is no substitute for that. That has become one of our real estate rules.

Written by Dave.