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Abandoned Structure

michigannotice2Whether you are building a new home, renovationing a lender foreclosure, or working on a lakefront cottage, or a cabin in the northern Michigan woods, you may encounter the local building inspection department.

These men and women are not your enemy. They simply enforce a building code that was put into place to maintain safety, health and structural code regulations. After all, you do not want to be next door to the guy who does it his own way. Trust me, that can be a nightmare.

Anyway, recently we recently completed a job in a community that has a regulation that, as the president might say, is stupid. In this particular community, abandoned structures are required to be registered as vacant and posted as such.

The problem is that everyone notices these posted stickers. They are on the entrance doors and windows, and are clearly visible from the street. They are also subject to a $500.00 penalty for removing without first obtaining an occupancy permit.

Not only do the honest folks notice these notices, but also the dishonest. In a residential area, even if it does not have a high crime rate, these postings are like invitations that say “How about this one for your consideration?” Perhaps a smaller and less oblivious posting would be more appropriate, maybe located on the side or rear doors.

One last pointer to check out. Most communities also have, coupled with this type of posting, a monitoring fee attached to the notice. In this case, the community has a monthly $50.00 assessment to monitor your property to make sure the lawn is cut and the property is secure.

When buying Michigan real estate in these communities, check to make sure these fees are paid by the lender before they become your inherited responsibility.

Written by Dave.