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michiganshingles2It is hard to find something interesting to say about shingles. One of the costlier repairs or improvements that a home owner has to face is that of the roof. Even replacing a roof on a small cabinís roof can be priced in the thousands of dollars.

We cannot begin to figure out how many roofs we have had installed or replaced over the years, but we know it has been many. And even though it is costly, it is always worth the money. A neglected roof can begin leaking and do far more damage than the cost of the shingles.

There are many types shingles to choose from when roofing. One of the most commonly used shingles is asphalt, but metal, cedar or even slate shingles are also available. Many people when replacing their roof are trying to lower the cost and try to use the least expensive shingle on the market, which would be the asphalt.

The most common and least expensive is the traditional three tab shingle. However our choice and recommendation is to use the next step up. I call it an architectural shingle It has a dimensional wood shake look and is about 30% thicker than standard shingle. Does it cost more? Yes, about 15% to 20% more than a basic shingle, but the results are a much richer look which will add value to your property.

Written by Dave.