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michiganstorageWhen considering purchasing a property, often the question of storage comes up. What can be added to store the toys or just where can I store the lawnmower. This can be an even more important question on a lakefront property where a lack of available land may be a problem. That is why often you see a self storage facility near many of the more popular lakefront communities.

A very common question is, “If I buy this vacant lot, can I build my garage or pole barn prior to building the cottage or home?” Always, always, check with the local township or county zoning official prior to entering into any written contract to buy. The regulations vary from area to area. Most communities (townships) and home owner associations do not allow any construction of storage facilities prior to the home being built. The rational is that rather than a community of residential buildings, a collection of garages or pole barns could line the waterfront, and that would be rather unattractive.

If owning a home or lakefront cottage and extra space is desired, always check before starting construction on your project, or even check before purchasing a premanufactured shed. I know this may seem very elementary, but over the years I have seen a number of instances when sheds, and even garages, had to be removed because someone thought they knew the regulations, but failed to call and confirm.

I know the visitors to this site would never be included in that group.

Written by Dave.