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Furnace Filter Reminder

michigandirtyfilterIt is so easy to overlook the simple process of changing the filter in your furnace. Filters trap dust, dirt and other partials that can travel through the air. The dirtier the filter becomes, the harder the furnace and the fan have to work. The cleaner the filter, the more efficiently the furnace will operate. At the price of natural gas, propane, or fuel oil, every little thing we do to help the budget makes a difference.

There is a wide range of filters:  Electronic Filters, Metal Filters, Charcoal Air Filters, Electrostatic Filters, all at a wide range of prices.

I like the disposable filters that are relatively cheap. So, for a matter of just a couple of dollars, why not replace them often? 

It is recommended to change them every six weeks during the heating season.

Written by Dave.