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Know your Lakefront Neighbors

This past week, I stopped to check on a building job. As I walked around the property, out of nowhere, a neighbor came and asked “Can I help you?” He was sincere, and wanted to be of assistance.

This happens frequently, but there are two types of those who ask. At times I am annoyed by nosey neighbors. I am on the site to get the job done and I do not appreciate neighbors following me around with millions of questions and solutions to the world’s problems.

On the other hand, concerned neighbors are a good front line of defense against mischievous people who do not have your best interest, or the best interest of your property, at heart.

michigankeyWhen you close up you cottage for the winter, it is good that the year round residents know who you are and are able to keep an eye on your property. It may be a good idea to leave your phone number with that neighbor, just in case. If a tree limb falls on your summer cottage, or a neighbor notices a broken window, it would be better to be notified at the time, rather than finding it when you open up in the spring.

If you are far from the summer home, you may want to consider leaving a key with this neighbor. It may prove useful in case of an emergency.

Written by Dave.