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cottagemichiganlakeYou have decided you are going to rent your cottage out, or your are going to buy a second cottage nearby as an investment. A few suggestions to attract and retain a return clientele of guests. Some simple things go a long way.

Be friendly. Guests are customers and they like to be welcomed and pampered.

Any small thing that you can do or provide will set you apart form your competitors. Some of the better coffee companies sell small bags of coffee, enough for one pot . Having a selection of these around is a nice touch and a great way for your guests to start their day. Always make sure your coffee maker is working and there are plenty of filters available.

Make your guests feel if they need anything all they have to do is ask. Many times we can overlook the most simple necessitates. If one person asks for something, it means others have or will have noticed the same missing ingredients.

Provide your guests a list of local phone numbers: your number, emergency maintance, and even the local pizza place with delivery. Having a few menus from local restaurants in the cottage is a nice touch.

Keep some cards in the drawer as well a some games, books and magazines in case the weather turns bad.

Some comfortable deck or beach furniture is a must. If it is not comfortable for you, it will not be for them. Keep you eye open for sales, estate sales and moving sales for anything that you can provide for a better vacation experience.

Be available to your guests and their needs, make them feel wanted but never invade their space. Many guests are looking for privacy and don’t want to be bothered.

Word of mouth is on of the best ways to attract new guests. Have business cards or brochures with pictures printed up and have them available in the cottage so guests can remember how to contact you and have enough available for them to pass out to friends and family.

Written by Dave.