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Finding a Realtor

michiganforsaleYou finally made the decision. You are going to sell your home! How are you going do it?

The best way to find an agent is by referral. Someone you know who had a good experience is the best place to start, but you still have to do your homework and talk with the agent yourself. Some things you will want to discuss with the agent and questions you will want to ask are:
How will my property be marketed?

Will there be open houses, ads in area newspapers, virtual tours on the internet?
If an ad is run in area papers, how often will the ad be run?How big will it be?

How long has the agent been in real estate? What did he/she do prior to becoming an agent? Is the agent full time or part time?

Have the agent describe the type of real estate he/she specializes in. If the area of specialty is homes, make sure the agent is familiar with the area where your home is located.

Ask for references from clients whose homes the agent has sold. Ask for references from another sales agent who works with your prospective agent.

Make sure you know what fees the agent charges before listing your home Sit down and talk with the agent. Do you feel comfortable with him/her? You may be working with this person for some time, so you want to make sure there is a level of trust and mutual respect.

Written by Dave.