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Drive Thru Lessons

michiganmcdonaldsLandscaping is important for many reasons.

An unkept lawn may signal that no one is home. It is like placing a billboard on your front yard inviting those you really don’t want to invite.

Landscaping says “We care about our property and you should too.”

I took this picture at the McDonalds drive thru. The well manicured lawn with the pond and the fountain tells me that after spending millions of dollars on research and development, they feel it is important for those who drive thru for a $1.00 hamburger to have pleasant surroundings. That also tells me they are concerned about the quality of the product they are selling.

This also holds true for the sale of your home. If your lawn is attractive and well maintained, it gives a buyer confidence that your home has been well attended to.

If McDonalds feels a well manicured lawn is important for selling hamburgers, think of how important it is for selling your home!

Written by Dave.