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One Ugly Septic System

michiganpump-and-haulIn a previous article I wrote on Septic Systems. In that article, I omitted one system, the “pump and haul” system. This system is exactly what it says; a holding tank without a drain field. The tank pictured is about 1000 gallons. This system is utilized when a very high water table prevents a tank from being buried underground and a tank is constructed adjacent to a cottage or cabin.

Studies suggest that septic system usage per person is 90 to 150 gallons per day. This wide range of usage is due to the many different types and ages of plumbing fixtures found in homes and cottages, as well as other factors such as laundry facilities, disposal, tubs, etc.

The price of $200.00 was quoted by a local septic waste hauler for each “pump and haul”. You can do the math, it could be a very expensive system depending on the owners usage. This type of system should be carefully considered prior to purchasing.

Written by Dave.