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Well Records

wellheadWhen buying a piece of Michigan real estate, a question that often arises is, “What about the well”? Or, “ What are the depths of the wells in the area?”

The State of Michigan has well records on line. Close to one million are listed and are available to search at no charge. The site is easy to use. You will be asked for the county, then the township and finally the section number.

In my due diligence, I have used the site many times and found the site to be very beneficial in uncovering lots of information. For an existing well, it tells of the depth of the well, the diameter of the well, the age of the well, the static water level, the installer and other technical information.

I have also used these reports to tell me about soil conditions in the area. The well driller, when drilling a new well, records the types of soil he encounters and at what depth he finds them. This information can be very useful when locating proper soil conditions needed for a septic system.

State of Michigan Well Records Listed by County

Written by Lakeman Jones.