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Wetheral Lake

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Street: Wetheral Lake Dr Martin Mi
Zip Code: 49070
County: Allegan
Longitude: -85.679402
Latitude: 42.537429
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Acreage: 25

wetherallakeWetheral Lake is located in Watson Township in Eastern Allegan County, just West of the Allegan/ Martin exit on US 131.

There must be a story about this Michigan lake, and honestly, I do not know what it is. Someone at some time gave somebody the authority to build a road directly across/ thru this lake, splitting it into two bodies of water.

North Wetheral Lake consists of 11 acres of surface waters.

South Wetheral Lake consists of 14 acres of surface waters.

There are a few homes on the waterfront of each half of the lake, and yes, 116th Avenue (M222) runs right thru it. Every time I travel to Allegan I wonder how something like this happened. Do you know?

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