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Indian Lake - Cass County

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Street: Forest Beach Str Dowagiac Michigan
Zip Code: 49047
County: Cass
Longitude: -86.20903
Latitude: 42.000005
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  • Some Public Access

Acreage: 500
Lake Amenities:
  • Boat Launch


Indian Lake is located in Silver Creek Township in Cass County. This Michigan lake consists of 500 acres of surface waters with reported depth of 20 feet. Indian Lake is serviced by a muncipal sewer system.

Indian Lake is home to the Indian Lake Yacht Club, a 27 hole golf couse and a lake association.

Indian Lake is located 111 miles from Chicago, 32 miles from Elkhart and 32 miles from South Bend.


Indian Lake, Cass County, Michigan

  Indian Lake is located Cass county, just west of Dowagiac in southwest Michigan. Indian Lake is about 500 acres of surface waters.

This is an unused postcard, no message on the back, so someone must have purchased it for the picture. They probably had just gone for a cruise on the Fenetta L and wanted a souvenir of their trip. Either that, or they intended to send it to Aunt Susie and just never got around to it. That is something I would do!

Isnít this a great picture? Yes, it does look a bit posed, but I think you can tell a lot about the personality of each person just by looking at them. There is the mother in the water with her little brood of kids sticking close by. She probably warned them at great lengths about the dangers of venturing too far from her. Then, there is the young man sitting on the side of the boat. He doesnít want to ruin his dashing appearance by getting wet. Not with all those young women on board!

The two women in their sailor dresses seem to be having a good time. Sailor dresses must have been fashionable in those days, and these women were right in step. And that woman at the top of the boat ready to dive into the water; look at her hair style! I wonder what happened to it when she hit the water. The older, more sedate crowd, stayed in the boat where it was comfortable and they could keep their hats on.

I canít find a lot of information on the Fenetta L, but I do that it was a that steamer traveled on Indian Lake. At some point in time, the Fenetta L sunk to the bottom of the Lake, just off Indian Beach. Today there is a yacht club at that site.

If you know anything about the steamer, or the years it was in operation, I would be interested in learning a little more.



Indian Lake, Cass County, Dowagiac Michigan

  Indian Lake is a popular lake near Dowagiac Michigan. I posted one of my favorite postcards recently which was on Indian Lake. Todayís card reminded me that there is more to enjoy about a Michigan lake than fishing.

ďHello Sid, How is everything in Cadillac? Gee, I waited up for you till around 10:30 that night but didnít see you. I know how it is when your sweetie is around! Tell your ma hello. ElsieĒ August 19, 1929

All the cars on the front of this postcard tell me that the beaches were just as crowded in 1929 as they are today. Thatís probably why Sid had other plans with his sweetie!


Picnic Grounds, Earl Wiest's Resort, Indian Lake, Dowagiac Michigan

  indian lake  
  Dear Friends

We are here at this resort in Southern Michigan, the lake is large and very beautiful. The weather is warm and sunny. We have seen the catches from others, starting tomorrow we will try to catch our share.

Marge and Hank

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