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Big Mud Lake

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Street: Lee Rd Sears Michigan
Zip Code: 49679
County: Clare
Longitude: -85.07427
Latitude: 43.90028
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Acreage: 219

Big Mud Lake is located in Garfield and Freeman Townships in Western Clare County, just mile East from the Osceola - Clare County line. This Michigan lake consists of 219 acres of surface waters with reported depths of only 3 feet.

Big Mud Lake is home to Mud Lake State Forest Campground and is largely surrounded by state land.

Mud Lake

Lake is deeper than 3 feet
by Pat
on August 5, 2016
Some areas are much deeper. There is a water layer and then a sediment layer. IF the state would put a little money into getting oxygen into the bottom of the sediment layer using aerator stones and oxygen pumps, this absolutely gorgeous lake would rid itself of the sediment. organisms similar to what eats "stuff" in septic system, "come to life" multiply and eat the "muck". The state would really have a very unique lake and tourist attraction.The lake has a sandy bottom. This lake is so beautiful,not overpopulated with homes (only 6-7 homes on entire lake!) you'd swear you were way up in Canada on some little known gorgeous lake. Tons of wild life, . great fishing. Really wish the state would do this and not waste hundreds thousands $ on pond like fountains (like they have done on other lakes) that do NOTHING for the micro-organisms that "clean" a lake.
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