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Hoister Lake

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Street: Adams Rd Gladwin Michigan
Zip Code: 48624
County: Gladwin
Longitude: -84.565744
Latitude: 44.142158
  • Public
  • Some Public Access

Acreage: 23
Lake Amenities:
  • Boat Launch

Description: Hoister Lake is located in Sherman Township in Gladwin County. This Michigan lake consists of 23 acres of surface waters with reported depths of 29 feet.

Hoister Lake is adjacent to House Lake, Trout Lake and Streaked Lake.

There is a public access site on the South side of the lake, just off Narrows Road. The site has a gravel surface ramp, toilets and parking for 5 cars.

Fishermen report catches of Perch.

We Love Your Lakes & Camp Grounds 😊🤣☺️
by Mrs. Rita A. Rosas-Bruner
on September 5, 2017
We have had the "Best Times Of Our Lives"... Here at Your Lakes & Camp Grounds.
There's Nothing Like Just Getting Away From Everything And Being With Your Family & Friends & Just Being Able To Enjoy One Another's Company, Share In Eachother Private Pains & Burdens, Let Loose And Be Free To Be Yourself Without Your Boss Holding You Back From Being Relaxed. There's No TV ( Unless You want it..), Not A 1 Distraction From All The Glorious Beautiful Natural Things All Around You. Camp Fires To Tell 'Tall Tales Of Scarry Things That Climb The Trees & Tear Through Tents & Knock Down Campers.. 😁😀😛😜😝😱💀👻🤡👽👾😈🤠🤖🙈🙉🙊🙃😆🤣😀😂🤗😅😘..Ha Ha Ha ..)
Sun Light To Bath & Tan Your Complete & Total Body w/o Tan Lines ( Awesomeness 🤗😘), Moon Beams To Light Your Way As You Take A Midnight Walk With Your Loved One..
My Hubby's A Huge Fan Of This..
We Have Made It Our Very Own Private Tradition To Take Our Midnight Autumn Walks Each Year We Come & Celebrate Our Wedding Anniversary (6yrs this year ; Wedding Date Is: October 31, 2012) We've Never Missed Our Midnight Autumn Walk....
Our Entire Family's Father's Day, Has Been Celebrated Here For The Past 55yrs.
My Husband's Family & Friends have been Camping Here Many Many Years Throughout The Year. It's Been A Blessing To Our Rather 'Large' , & "Blended" Family - My Husband & I have been Previously Married- As We Use This Time To Bond Our Family & Our Children & Children's Children Have Become Even Closer To Eachother As We've Come Each Year.
It's Amazing How Such A Gift Of Nature Can Bring A Once "Hurting, Confused, Saddened, Frightened, Broken, Weeping, Grieving... ", To A Happier Healthy Joined & United Family.
Only The Master's, God's Creations Can Work Miracles In People's Lives & I Am Truly Humbled To Have Seen This Within My Own Family..
As A Wife & Mother, I Am Completely Greatful, Thankful, Blessed, Honoured, Most Of All Humbled That Your Companies Have Opened Such A Place & Have This Places Maintenance Serviced So That Families & People Such As Ourselves May Come & Stay Awhile To Get Away From All The Hussle & Bustle Of Everyday Life And Come Enjoy Peace & Serenity's Blissfulness & Just Be Free To Have A Good Time. We Drink, We Laugh, We Play, We Walk, We Talk, We Swim, We Fish, We Even Eat As A Entire Family ( Which Can Be Upwards of 65 People During Father's Day Weekend....),
We Are Connected As A Whole Team.
I Cannot Thank Each & Everyone That's Helping Within Your Companies & Corporations To Keep This Places Maintenance Serviced & Opened To The Public As You Have All This Year's. There's Still New Things We Have Recovered About This Camping Grounds and Lakes Each Time We've Come Here.
I Humbly Thank & Very Much Appreciate That Your Availability To Read My Message & Hear About How Have This Special Places To Come Each Years & How It's Changed My Family's Story From A Very , Very Brokenhearted & Sadden Story , To An Awesomeness 🤗 Testimony Of How The Blessed Father's Master Plans Are Always On "Time", Always "Completed", As Your Companies Had No Ideas That When You're Plans & Designs To Make This Camping Grounds Open & Available To The Public.. That 1 Day You Would Be Hearing From A Very Honoured & Very Humbled & Extremely Well Blessed Woman With A 'Special Thank You
For Such A Glorious, Amazingly Beautiful Natural, Powerfully Abundantly Abiding In Greater Love Gift You Have Give To Everyone...
We Are Your Legacy To Show What Proof Of The Sheer Magnanimous Changes Within Our Family's Life From Your Gift To The Public's Use Of This Camping Grounds & Lakes.
I Am sure You Never Expected That This Could Possibly Back A Life-changing Experience For Us ( The Public ).
However, Your Gift To Us All , Has Brought To Each & Everyone's Lives Such A Change, That Generations To Come Will Be Forevermore Moved And Experience Such A Completeness & "Full-on" Impact Unlike Never Before And It Will Be Super Positive Response And Superbly Exciting To Personally Have A Front Row Seat To Watch & Participate In This As I Already Have Been Doing So.
Mercy, I Wish You Could Personally See How Much Joy Your Gift Has Brought To My Humble Family.....
I Pray That The Blessed Holy Father Grant Each Person Connected To This Project Of Openings For Such Places As This Camping Grounds & Lakes, Their Deepest/Greatest Wishes & Most Important Prayer/Needs According To His Grace & Mercy...
That Your Companies Stocks Would Go Up & Your Profits Would Grow Within The Next Few Months. ( Grow So Much That,This Will Be That "BANNER YEAR" Your Companies Corporations Have Been Awaiting. )
I Will Not Stop Praying For This, Untill It Happens. You've Given My Family More Than You'll Ever Know & In-as-much, As Your Companies Corporations Have Done For Us, I Shall Hope The Same Is Done In Turn For Each One's Families & Friends That Are Tied & Have Always Had Apart Within This Projects- from the Smallest /Simplest Positions (the Person's with Whom takes the Trash out.. & Such ) to The Owners Of Each Company , Share Holder, etc...
Let Not 1 Person Be Left out From Receiving Such An Amazing & Precious & Rare Blessing From The Blessed Holy Father.
In Closing I Wish To Again Most Respectfully, Honoured, Very, Very Humbly
Thanking Your Companies Corporations For Doing Everything You Have Done To Each Camping Grounds & Lakes & Maintaing
Maintenance Services All Over Including DNR's Assistance....
Each Life You've Changed Becomes The Companies Corporations Legacies,
I Know As For Me & My House , We Are Connected , Apart Of This Stated Legacies.
We All Send Many Blessings To Your Companies Corporations Everyone's Included...
We Absolutely Love & Adore You All.
Your Companies Corporations Have My Permission To Email Me Anytime You'd Like.
I Only Wish You Could See For Yourselves How Your Companies Corporations Have Changed My Complete & Total Family Forevermore.
Thank You, Thank You
Have A Wonderfully Blessed Day,
Mrs. Rita A. Rosas-Bruner
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