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Big Bass Lake - Lake County

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Street: 6 Mile Elk/ Sauble Township Michigan
Zip Code: 49644
County: Lake
Longitude: -85.979587
Latitude: 44.088219
  • Public

Acreage: 290
Lake Amenities:
  • Boat Launch


bigbasslakeBig Bass Lake is located in Southern Elk Township and Northern Sauble Township in Northern Lake County.  Big Bass Lake consists of  a respectable 290 acres of surface waters with reported depths of up to 33 feet.

Big Bass is not round, not long and narrow  but more of an irregularly shaped Michigan lake. What that means is that when you live on the lake you can stand on your dock without seeing every home on the lake, nor can everyone see you standing on yours. And if this isn't enough, Big Bass Lake is also unique in that it has an island, actually a couple of them. For some reason, whenever a lake has an island or islands, it always seems a bit more interesting and appealing.

There is a public access site on the Southwest side of the lake on Six Mile Road and Bass Lake Road. It is a small, two acre site with a hard surface boat launch, vault style restroom and limited parking. With its name, I would be disappointed if it was not full of Bass.

They say you are  known by the company you keep and Big Bass Lake is within ten miles of twenty other lakes. Okay, we will drop a few names: Loon Lake, Harper Lake, Little Bass Lake, Cool Lake, the Sauble Lakes, and many smaller and quieter Michigan Lakes.  

Big Bass Lake even has its own blog! Big Bass Lake and Beyond is full of history, stories of Big Bass Lake and it's people You will even find some recipes! Whether you enjoy cooking or not, who does not like to eat outside by a Michigan lake in the summer time?


Anderson’s Handy Corner, Big Bass Lake, Irons Michigan

  June 16, 1952

Dear Mother and Dad,

Arrived safely but tired. We stopped at Jane’s for a couple of hours. They are doing well in their new home. We are settled and are going to bed. Rest is what we need more than anything. Take care of yourselves and have a good time. Love to you both.

Yours Margaret

by Dave Norris
on November 15, 2017
Thanks for giving my website big Bass Lake and Beyond a plug
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