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Clear Lake - Mecosta County

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Street: Clear Lake Rd Big Rapids Michigan
Zip Code: 49307
County: Mecosta
Longitude: -85.389926
Latitude: 43.677627
  • Public

Acreage: 130
Lake Amenities:
  • Boat Launch


ClearLakeClear Lake located along M20 at the second big curve as you travel east from Big Rapids. This Michigan Lake located in Colfax Township, central Mecosta County. Clear Lake is a respectful one hundred thirty acres with reported depths of thirty feet.

On the northeast corner of Clear Lake, you may enjoy a round of golf at the Meceola Country Club. This lakefront eighteen hole course, located on 150th Avenue, offers a very picturesque atmosphere on a very playable course. You will also find great burgers here.

clearlake2The DNR maintains a boat launch on the southern side of the lake with plenty of parking, restrooms, and a hard surface launch. The last time I was at the Clear Lake launch, four deer, who were not in a mood to have their picture taken, crossed my path. But, sometimes, it is good to just take time and enjoy Godís creation and his creatures.

Directions to Clear Lake launch                    Clear Lake Map

On my visit, I noticed a post by the DNR. I learned that Clear Lake is one of the few lakes in Michigan where the Common Loon is known to rest. Loons are considered a threatened species in the state of Michigan, with fewer than 400 nesting pairs in the state.

If you come across the Common Loon, you are advised to do your part and to help protect the Loon.  Please keep your distance. Disturbance of the Loon can cause them to desert their nest or chicks.

Sometimes I do not always agree with everything that comes out of the DNR. But on this topic, I am in full agreement. Letís do all we can to preserve this beautiful, elegant bird.

Clear Lake is  located in Mecosta County, Colfax Township. It covers 130 acres and has a  reported depth of 30 feet. A Public launch is located on the south side of the lake.


Lakewood Association, Clear Lake, Big Rapids, Michigan

  clear lake mecosta county  
  Dear folks,

We are sure getting plenty of rest, it has rained every day since we got here. Not much to do but to play cards. They say it is going to be much nicer tomorrow. They also say a bad day on the lake is better than a good day at work, or something like that.

Fred and Martha

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