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Crystal Lake - Montcalm County

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Street: South Shore dr Crystal Michigan
Zip Code: 48818
County: Montcalm
Longitude: -84.925023
Latitude: 43.270868
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  • Public

Acreage: 724
Lake Amenities:
  • Boat Launch


crystallakemontcalmcountyWith some 11,000 estimated Michigan lakes, there will certainly be a lot of duplication in the names of some of those lakes. We know of at least 15 Crystal Lakes in Michigan.

Crystal Lake is located in eastern Montcalm County. This large Michigan Lake of 724 acres has reported depths of 60 feet.  The city of Crystal Michigan is located on the south east shore of the lake. The city is big enough for a grocery store, gas station, and bank and yes a sporting goods store.

Fisherman should find Black Crappie, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Pumpkinseed, Rock Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and Yellow Perch.  The Michigan DNR maintains a public three acre access site on the north side of the lake, at the end of Waldron Road. The access site has a hard surface boat launch site with plenty of parking and restrooms.

Crystal Lake is fully developed with a mix of year round homes and seasonal cottages. You can enjoy a nice drive around the lake, as many of the homes and cottages are built across the street from the lake, providing an unobstructed view of the lake as you travel around it.

For more information visit Crystal Lake Homeowners association.

While walking along the lakefront, I saw this crack in the ice and took the shot. When I looked at it on the computer I was struck by how it resembled a bare winter tree.



Crystal Lake, Montcalm County

  What is more inviting that lake with a name “Crystal Lake”?  It brings to mind crystal clear water and quietly lapping waves. Abby had it right. No picture can ever do justice to a crystal clear lake.

“Dear Hazel,

This just does not do the lake justice, for it is very pretty. Had a dandy time there.  Abby” September 24 1908



Woodbury, Crystal Lake, Montclam County


Hello All, we read your card it was all right you couldn’t go to Crystal last Sunday for we can next Sunday just as well. We will meet you there some where. Mike is cutting hay and I am going to rake this afternoon and he is going to draw. I have washed and baked bread this forenoon so you see I am working. Mabel and all” - Postmarked July 17, 1912

Sounds like Mabel had a pretty busy day and I’ll bet she made some great homemade bread!

I am curious about the picture on the front of the card. Below the picture it says “Woodbury Grove and Cottages, Crystal Mich.”  But, just what was going on here? It looks as if everyone in the cars are dressed in their finest attire, but look at the little guy sitting on the right side of the picture. It doesn’t look like he was invited to the party!

I am not sure where Woodbury Grove and Resort is or was. Crystal Michigan is located along the southeastern shore of Crystal Lake in central Montcalm County. Crystal Lake is approximately 760 acres in size and is one of the largest natural lakes in mid-Michigan.

Postcards can be a mystery at times, after all things change after 97 years.

P.S. Let me know if you know anything about the Woodbury Grove and Resort.


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