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Whitefish Lake - Montcalm County

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Street: Elmwood Pierson Michigan
Zip Code: 49339
County: Montcalm
Longitude: -85.534645
Latitude: 43.329499
  • Private

Acreage: 500

Whitefish Lake, Montcalm County, Michigan

  There are a lot of reasons Howard City is blessed. The city is blessed with good fishing, interesting buildings, eating places and close proximity to several Michigan lakes including Whitefish Lake, Little Whitefish Lake and the Little Muskegon River.

I’m not sure what Howard City looked like in 1908 when this postcard was written, but I am sure when visiting Whitefish Lake today, you would notice a big change in boating attire for women!

“Dear Carrie,

Came Thursday Sept 10, was sick in bed not going to school. Make up your mind to come over. Will try to show you a good time. Tell your mother to come over to. Write soon. Leonard”  Sept 19, 1908


Whitefish Lake, Pierson, Montcalm County

  “Wednesday noon. Just finished lunch and feel better. All are well and having a fine time. Home probably Monday.  Claude” Postmarked July 27, 1910.

Claude and I have something in common. We both feel better after having a good lunch!

I think the dog on this card is ready for a boat ride. Dogs have a way of doing that. If they want to go for a walk, they stand by the leash until their master gives in. Or, if they want to go for a ride, they stand by the door or the car/truck until they get their way. This dog doesn’t look like he is going anywhere until he gets his trip around the lake.

Big Whitefish Lake is located in Pierson Township in Western Montcalm County. The size of the lake is 500 plus acres of surface waters with  reported depths up to 54 feet. The lake is located one mile south of Little Whitefish Lake. Sorry to report there is no known public access to this Michigan lake.

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