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Robinson Lake - Newaygo County

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Street: South Parsons White Cloud Michigan
Zip Code: 49349
County: Newaygo
Longitude: -85.852415
Latitude: 43.532898
  • Public
  • Some Public Access

Acreage: 137
Lake Amenities:
  • Boat Launch


RobinsonlakeRobinson Lake is located Sherman Township in central Newaygo County, six miles west of White Cloud. This Michigan lake consists of 137 acres or surface waters with reported depths of 30 feet. 

As you have driven through Michigan, you may have noticed one of the billboards or just heard about The Shack. The Shack is a unique family owned resort and conference center located on the southwestern corner of the Robinson Lake. When you learn this property is situated on over 120 acres of  land with over 2000 feet of lakefront, you may agree that this is not just another mom and pop Michigan resort.  One way to enjoy this beautiful resort property is to explore itís trails on the back of one of the horses  available in the horse barn.  There is also a lodge and a first class restaurant on the property. Everyone talks about the delicious banana splits are served at 8:30 PM daily.

The Michigan DNR has a public hard surface boat launch on this thirty foot deep lake, with both parking and restroom facilities  available.

Another interesting thing is that Robinson Lake is located in Jugville, sometimes called Jugville USA. This may be one of those Michigan burgs that is no longer there. I donít know much about the history of Jugville,  but if you do, let everyone else know.


Gateway, Shady Beach, Robinson Lake, White Cloud, Michigan

  July 14, 1930

Hello Lena,

We had a safe trip; the weather is very nice here. Enjoying every day. Robinson Lake is so very beautiful, so many trees, the water is so clear. The people are friendly, say the fishing is good. We looked over these lots and we are thinking about it.

See you next Friday in time for the show.

Uncle Walt



Robinson Lake, White Cloud, Michigan

  robinson lake  
  Dear Andersons,

Enjoying our days at Robinson Lake. The weather is warm and the skies have been clear. In our haste to leave home, Robert forget his books to read. He has no interest in reading one of mine. Will be home in time to see the last performance with Mary performing.


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