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Long Lake aka Ryerson Lake - Newaygo County

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Street: Sherman Ave Sherman Twp Mchigan
Zip Code: 49412
County: Newaygo
Longitude: -85.857887
Latitude: 43.48632
Acreage: 262
Description: Long Lake aka Ryerson Lake is located in Sherman Township in Newaygo County. Long Lake is Northwest of Kimball Lake (153 acres) and Pickerel Lake (318 acres).

This Michigan lake consists of 262 acres of surface waters with reported depths of 80 feet.


Point Pleasant, Long Lake, Fremont Michigan

  long lake fremont  

Such a beautiful spot, a wonderful cabin, sunrise and sunsets, a fireplace, a taste of Heaven.

All is perfect right now, would like to stay forever.

Much love


Long Lake remembered
by Sean Alcala
on January 13, 2013
I was on Google Maps this morning and looking over my childhood neihborhood and places i used to go in Michigan (i now live in Arizona). We used to stay at Long Lake every 4th of July for a week at a time. My Great Grandparents, the Coburns, owned a cottage there and would rent it out in the summer to people looking for solitude and relaxation. This place holds very fond memories for me, It was the place were there were no worries, just fun. My brothers and I would get up early to go fishing. The lake had a wide variety of fish, and many spots for just the right ones. Sunfish cropies, bluegill, perch, bass and even walleye and muskee. We would go swiming in the afternoon, you could swim all the way across the short way in about 10 min, but there was a swim doc in the middle you could stop at and sun on, we were on the south end were the lake drains. At night we would catch catfish in the outlet creek and stay up much latter than we did back home. These were glorious times to be a kid. On Saturday night, the day before we left, we would have a big fish fry, and eat all the fish we had caught durring the week. It was awsome! Ive gone ther a few time since ive grown up, and it always brings back these memories, good memories. I hope that it remains in good shape for other people to experience what i did. Long Lake remembered.
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