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Pigeon Lake

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Street: Woodlawn Port Sheldon Michigan
Zip Code: 49424
County: Ottawa
Longitude: -86.20454
Latitude: 42.90221
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  • Some Public Access

Acreage: 225
Lake Amenities:
  • Boat Launch


pigeonlakeplantThe Pigeon River flows into Pigeon Lake located in Port Sheldon Township in Ottawa County, ten miles south of Grand Haven.

Pigeon River and Pigeon Lake are special as that they flow into Lake Michigan. Surrounded by lakefront cottages, year round homes and a marina, it is a picture of paradise. Yes, it does have all the requirements for paradise, but it is also home to the Consumers Powerís J.W. Campbell Complex.

I turned at the entrance on Olive Shore Drive into the 2000 acre complex and drove the mile long drive on the back side of the coal fired plant. I parked at the far end of the complex. The site reminded me of a 1950 era foundry. I wasnít far off with that observation, as I discovered the first of three generators came on line in 1962.

pigeonlakepierI was up for the walk to the pier. On one side of the mile long boardwalk you will see Pigeon Lake and Pigeon River. On the other side there is a 200 feet high dune covered with a lush, green pine forest. Sounds so picturesque. And it would be, if it werenít for the chain link fence that runs the distance.

I reached the beginning of the pier jetting out into the majestic Lake Michigan. And, what do I see?  A huge water intake pipe running the length of the pier surrounded by the chain link fence. I canít believe the engineers could not have come up with a better design.

I donít want to rant and rave here. I understand that we need energy. Man and nature must work together. The disappointing thing about the lakefront hike was all the junk and the apparent lack of interest in the property by Consumerís Power Company. It reminded me of a bad movie set.

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