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Corey Lake - St Joseph County

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Street: Coops Island Rd Three Rivers Michigan
Zip Code: 49093
County: St Joseph
Longitude: -85.735237
Latitude: 41.929184
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Acreage: 630

Corey  Lake is located in Fabius Township in St Joseph County. This Michigan lake consists of 630 acres of surface water with reported depths of up to 80 feet.

Fishermen report catches of Bluegill, Largemouth Bass and Perch in Corey Lake.

Corey Lake is adjacent to Kaiser Lake (89 acres), Harwood Lake, Clear Lake (240 acres), Pleasant Lake (262 acres) and Long Lake.

Corey Lake is 128 miles from Chicago, 23 miles from Elkhart and 38 miles from South Bend.

Read more about the history of Corey Lake.

Corey Lake is home to Camp Wakeshma

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Corey Lake, St Joseph County

  Corey Lake is located just outside of Three Rivers, along the county lines of St Joseph and Cass counties in southwest Michigan. Corey Lake is 630 acres in size, with reported depths of up to 80 feet. Corey Lake neighbors the 120 acre Harwood Lake as well as Long Lake, Clear Lake and Kaiser Lake.

It is always interesting how a lake gets its name. Apparently, Corey Lake was named after Joshua Corey, a New York land speculator who made a fortune buying and selling land. He purchased a tract of land from the government in 1836 which included this lakefront. He had other land investments in this area, but may never have been a resident of the area. He probably was a Donald Trump of that day.

Corey Lake is home to Camp Eberhart, a 200 acre camp with over a mile of lakefront on the lake. Since 1909, it has been run as a YMCA camp. According to a 1909 brochure, “It is situated about two miles from Corey Station on the Michigan Central Railroad, a hilly but beautiful road connecting. Corey Lake is a spring fed lake about two miles long and three quarters of a mile wide, with an excellent beach for bathing, composed of fine sand and sloping so gradual that swimming will be most safe. For fishing, no better spot could have been found.” taken from a1909 Camp Eberhart brochure. For more history on the camp, visit The Making of the Camp.

Just a stone’s throw north, a smaller camp of forty acres is found on the western side of Lake Corey. Visit Camp Wakeshma website to find out more about this camp.

On the western tip of the lake, near the corner of County Line Road and Corey Lake Road, one will find the DNR’s public access to Corey Lake. Parking at this site is very limited.  Vault style restrooms are provided.

Corey Lake is full of fishing activity. Fishermen report catches of yellow perch, crappie bluegill, and largemouth bass. There are lesser reports of rainbow trout and walleye.

The residents of Cory Lake have formed a lake association to take care of the needs of the lake and its residents.

As for the postcard from the past: “Had a nice trip. I was not to hot riding in the car. Hope you had a nice time at Mrs. S…,  signed Breck
dated August 23, 1954

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